Energy Services Consulting

Through Energy Services Consulting, we bring extensive experience in building creative partnerships among Utilities, Government and other key stakeholders. As a trusted partner, we take a collaborative approach to help clients overcome obstacles and maximize opportunities in energy-efficiency and clean energy programs.

Energy Services Consulting





  • Market Research & Campaign Conception
  • Creative Development & Media Planning
  • Marketing & Engagement
  • Market Evaluation & Validation
  • Design & Implementation
  • Standards Setting & Quality Assurance
  • Multiple Partner & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Management Systems & Processes
  • Training & Education
  • Customer Handling & Service Excellence
  • Managing Contractor Networks
  • Monitoring & Verification of Energy Savings
  • Reporting & Professional Presentations

STRATEGIC MARKETING: With unparalleled insight into branding, messaging, execution and results tracking for energy efficiency programs, we develop customized outreach efforts that build momentum and achieve marketing results.

PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: With a goal of achieving deep and lasting impact, we strategically develop and design energy efficiency programs that are results driven and cost effective.

PROGRAM MOBILIZATION: Through multiple stakeholder engagement, we deliver detailed tactical plans that bring energy efficiency programs to life and connect through training, education and material development.

PROGRAM MANGEMENT: Our experience in managing complex networks of energy assessors, contractors and program participants includes the development of ‘road tested’ systems and processes to ensure effective program delivery and service excellence.

The principles of Ecolighten are experienced in participating in the delivery of some of the largest outsourced Government and Utility energy-efficiency programs with a long track record of driving program efficiencies through business excellence. With a combined forty (40) years of experience in program management and able-to-pay contracting, Ecolighten’s work in energy-efficiency and transformational outsourcing delivers solutions that make a lasting and sustainable difference for households and businesses alike.

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