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Professional Energy Services Consulting

Driven by innovation and excellence, energy efficiency consulting firm Ecolighten is trusted by governments, utilities and businesses across the country to create energy solutions that get exceptional results.

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With increasing pressure on governments and utilities to reduce the burden on our current energy infrastructure, improve accountability, and combat climate change, it’s more urgent than ever to find practical, results-focused strategies to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Fortunately, Ecolighten’s energy consulting team specializes in helping governments and utility companies do just that.

Known for their experience in demand side management and energy-efficiency
program design and delivery, our energy conservation consultants will work with you and your team to develop, execute, measure and report on the success of your clean energy programs.

We understand the complex needs of governments and utilities as well as their many stakeholders – internal, political, general public and industry. As such, we offer additional peace of mind with trusted technical solutions that support quality assurance and manage risk on your behalf.

Energy Services Consulting Solutions

Energy Services Consulting - Strategic Marketing Development Strategic Marketing

With unparalleled insight into branding, messaging, execution and results tracking for energy efficiency programs, our energy solutions consultants develop customized outreach efforts that build momentum and achieve marketing results.

Energy Services Consulting - Program Development Program

With a goal of achieving deep and lasting impact, we strategically develop and design energy efficiency programs that are results driven and cost effective.

Energy Services Consulting - Program Mobilization Program

Through multiple stakeholder engagement, we deliver detailed tactical plans that bring energy efficiency programs to life and support them with training, education and material development.

Energy Services Consulting - Program Management Program

Our experience in managing complex networks of energy assessors, contractors and program participants includes the development of ‘road tested’ systems and processes to ensure effective program delivery and service excellence.

Energy Services Consulting - Program Management Quality Assurance
& Research

Ecolighten is well versed in the complex energy-efficiency program needs of governments and utilities. Our superior quality assurance and research practices are backed by the Ecolighten 360ᵒ Quality Control Plan to give you absolute confidence and peace of mind for your project.

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Energy Service Solutions

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  • BC Hydro

    Ecolighten’s passion and knowledge of quality assurance services has been extremely helpful to BC Hydro and the Energy Conservation Assistance Program.  Their staff’s approach to QA has been strategically well-planned and implemented to meet the risk management needs of ECAP.

    BC Hydro

  • City of New Westminster

    The City of New Westminster is very pleased with the consistent and enthusiastic support of Energy Save New West provided by Ecolighten. City staff found them great to work with, and in all cases have applied innovative thinking along with substantial technical knowledge to this important community initiative.

    City of New Westminster

  • City of Vancouver

    The City of Vancouver is very appreciative of the technical expertise and comprehensive research design that Ecolighten brought to the Smart Metering Pilot. Throughout the pilot initiative, the City enjoyed a great collaborative relationship with the Ecolighten team. This resulted in a positive research initiative that is helpful in informing how smart home technologies can fit into our green building program and policy work.

    City of Vancouver

  • Fortis BC

    FortisBC appreciates the technical expertise provided by Ecolighten to support the development of the High-Efficiency Installation Guide for Existing Homes. Ecolighten has been a great partner to FortisBC in helping to support our market transformation strategy focused on quality installations and this resource is an important contribution to these efforts.

    Fortis BC

  • Fortis BC

    Ecolighten has been a great collaborator on the Quality Assurance Pilot and other FortisBC initiatives. Their understanding of utility programs and HVAC installation practices is critical to helping FortisBC put together a robust quality assurance model for our Furnace and Boiler Rebate program. This work supports customer satisfaction when investing in a furnace upgrade and assists contractors in delivering improved quality furnace retrofits in our programs.

    Fortis BC

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