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Mechanical HVAC Design

Whether renovating or building a new home, the ‘rule of thumb’ approach to determine mechanical design and equipment can lead to a dream home becoming a nightmare. Our integrated mechanical HVAC design process ensures a new construction home will run at peak performance all year round.

The Smart Solution To Traditional HVAC Solutions

Unlike a traditional mechanical contractor, Ecolighten combines HVAC design with building science and house-as-a-system principles to help you make informed, value-driven decisions on energy and functionality components in a new home project.

We bridge the gap between builders, architects, designers, and homeowners by working closely with each party to develop a customized mechanical HVAC design solution that works for everyone. See how our integrated mechanical HVAC design process compares to conventional ones.

The benefits of properly sized HVAC equipment includes reduced energy consumption and increased comfort by distributing heated and cooled air evenly through the home. Our customizable mechanical design packages provide optimal thermal comfort, cooling and superior indoor air quality, with less maintenance and lower operating costs.

Properly Designed and Installed System

  • Better equipment, better results
  • Extended equipment life
  • Lower operating costs
  • Less maintenance
  • Comfort in all rooms
  • Quiet air flow
  • Superior air quality

Poorly Designed and Installed System

  • Cheaper upfront costs
  • Shortened equipment life
  • Higher operating costs
  • Higher maintenance costs
  • Hot and cold rooms
  • Noisy air flow
  • Poor air quality

With over 75 years of residential construction and HVAC trade experience, our team applies the same expertise and tools of traditional HVAC design firms at a fraction of the cost. We are not aligned with specific manufacturers or suppliers, so you can count on us for honest, independent, and unbiased advice.

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Our Process


The right mechanical design solution starts with a consultation. We listen to your needs, ask the right questions and get a clear picture of your project.


Ecolighten HVAC designers conduct detailed room-by-room heat / cool load calculation and energy modeling to give you an accurate assessment.


Using the results, we develop a cost-efficient mechanical system and design concept solution that will maximize comfort and energy use. We’ll help you navigate the myriad of technical information including HVAC system design, equipment technology and installation procedures.


The next step is bringing all the plans to life. Full AutoCAD and/or 3D design layouts based on load calculation, equipment selection, zoning, duct sizing/routing and structure layout.


Ecolighten’s quality assurance ensures all regulations are met and the system is working as designed. This thorough quality assessment includes visual and empirical inspection and detailed reports to let you know all systems are performing at peak performance.

Book A Consultation

Ecolighten is an innovative and eco-friendly energy solutions company committed to improving energy performance and sustainability in the home. Backed by years of experience with HVAC mechanical design and building science, we use an integrated approach to energy efficiency and ‘house as a system’ principles to help build high performance homes.

You can expect us to:

  • Deliver complete end-to-end mechanical design solutions tailored to your project
  • Seek full stakeholder input to ensure expectations are exceeded
  • Utilize latest mechanical design software to provide detailed drawings and layouts
  • Provide comprehensive manuals and documentation for installation reference and maintenance

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