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Energy Advisor and EnerGuide™ Services

Building a green home is about going beyond minimum requirements set in building codes to construct homes that use less energy, waste, fewer materials and offer a fresher and healthier living environment.

We’re passionate about green home design and offer energy advisor and EnerGuide™ services to help builders, architects and homeowners make smart decisions that increase the comfort, value and efficiency of their homes.

Whether you’re looking to achieve green building certification or increase the energy-efficiency of your projects to meet BC’s Energy Step Code, Ecolighten can help.

What is EnerGuide™?

EnerGuide™ is a rating system that shows a standard measure of your home’s energy performance. The rating is calculated based on standard operation assumptions so you can compare the energy performance of one house against another.

Whether you choose EnerGuide™ or another third party, green home certification provides verification that your home is designed and built to a higher energy standard.

Energy Advisor and EnerGuide™ Solutions

Ecolighten offers architects, builders and homeowners green home certification support with access to six proven rating and certification programs including: EnerGuide™, Energy Star®, Built Green™ LEED™ For Homes, R-2000 and Passive House.

Examples of services:

EnerGuide™ Rating Service for new homes

We support you with HOT2000 energy modeling, initial plan evaluation and summary reports, and provision of the EnerGuide™ label

Mid-Stage Blower Door Testing

We can conduct blower door testing at mid-stage to evaluate the air-tightness of the building envelope and quality of air-sealing

Energy Efficiency Consulting

We work closely with builders, homeowners, city personnel and other stakeholders to support project throughout the entire design and build process

Are You Ready For BC’s Energy Step Code?

In April 2017, the Government of BC introduced the Energy Step Code to support the Province’s goal of buildings being net-zero energy ready by 2032.

The Code establishes progressive performance targets, transparently communicated many years in advance of implementation, thereby assisting market transformation from the current BC Building Code (BCBC) to the highest level of performance, including Net Zero energy ready buildings. Local authorities will be able to adopt progressively more stringent performance levels as regional market transformation is achieved.

The Energy Step Code represents an exciting new innovative pathway to support the design and construction of higher performing buildings in BC.

Ecolighten’s Energy Advisors help clients maintain their reputation as industry leaders by ensuring they meet the requirements of the Energy Step Code. Read more about the Energy Step Code in our blog, or speak to an Energy Advisor.

Green Home Rebates and Incentives

Between BC Hydro, Fortis BC, municipal and provincial government, there are a variety of incentives available for energy efficient homes. Ecolighten helps clients take advantage of the ever-changing opportunity landscape to maximize incentives and rebates including specializing in EnerGuide™ for New Home ratings. To find out if you’re eligible, chat with one of our energy advisors today.

Why Clients Choose Us

Rooted in ethical and sustainable practices, our energy consulting team provides expert, unbiased energy solutions that contribute to a healthier, safer world for all. Our energy solutions are realistic, affordable and measurable, to help you bring your eco friendly house designs to life, complete with green home certification.

With a proven international track record, complete suite of services and exceptional quality assurance plan, it’s no wonder builders, architects and homeowners choose Ecolighten again and again.

Dream Green

With more than 75 years of combined experience in the energy sector, you can count on us to develop smart, sustainable, results-driven solutions that bring your green vision to life. See how we can help your eco friendly house design become a reality.

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