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Forced Air Design

Forced air is an affordable HVAC system option that keeps homes consistently cool in the summer and warm in the winter, while saving homeowners money on energy bills.

How Does Forced Air Design Work?

Forced air design refers to a central heating system made up of ducts and vents that heat and cool while distributing, filtering and dehumidifying fresh air throughout the home. Forced air is a versatile and affordable system, making it a budget-friendly choice for many of our clients.

To determine whether or not forced air design is right for a home, we begin with a consultation and load calculation to assess heating and cooling needs. Load calculations are part of our mechanical design services and they give highly valuable insights into what system will work best.

Once we have the results, we present the most appropriate mechanical HVAC system options. If a forced air system is right for the home, the builder, architect and designer are informed as soon as possible so they can include the ductwork as part of the home design. Well designed forced air systems have properly sized and installed ducting in conditioned spaces to help air flow efficiently, so it’s important to plan early for their installation.

If your HVAC system becomes an afterthought, you risk installing an inefficient system that can lead to pressure imbalances, comfort issues and high energy bills. Ductwork that isn’t properly sealed can also cause leaks and poor overall distribution of air flow. So it’s crucial to plan ahead.

Energy Management Systems to Save You Time and Money

Having worked on thousands of homes, Ecolighten’s team of experts fill the missing link between homeowners, builders, architects and designers by ensuring the forced air system works seamlessly with the rest of the home design. We’re fluent in energy management systems and energy efficient home plans and offer professional, unbiased advice. The earlier we can come in to the design process, the less compromise you’ll need to make with the aesthetics, functionality and comfort of the home.

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