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Why Choose Ecolighten For Energy Consulting?

Rooted in ethical and sustainable practices, our energy consulting team provides expert, unbiased energy solutions that contribute to a healthier, safer world for all. Our energy solutions are realistic, affordable and measurable, and help you meet your goal of reducing energy consumption while increasing customer satisfaction.

With a proven international track record and complete suite of services, it’s no wonder utilities and governments choose our energy efficiency consulting team to design and deliver their energy conservation programs.

The Benefits

As a smaller energy consulting firm we’re able to offer versatility and value for money, yet our diverse skillset and deep experience in energy-efficiency programs, mechanical HVAC design, building science, policy work and technical research is the reason clients keep coming back.

We also offer you:

  • 75 years of combined experience
  • Professional and unbiased advice
  • An innovative approach to sustainability
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Superior quality assurance standards
  • Value for money
  • Trust and reliability

Our work with the public and private sector includes the design and delivery of complex energy-efficiency and clean energy programs, plus green building policies and technical research (e.g. F280-12 load calculation research, smart thermostats, etc.), so whatever your needs, we’ve got them covered.

Energy efficiency is something we happen to know a lot about. Our energy efficiency experts are here to help.

We’re Here To Help

Speak with an energy solutions consultant about your project.

  • City of Vancouver

    The City of Vancouver is very appreciative of the technical expertise and comprehensive research design that Ecolighten brought to the Smart Metering Pilot. Throughout the pilot initiative, the City enjoyed a great collaborative relationship with the Ecolighten team. This resulted in a positive research initiative that is helpful in informing how smart home technologies can fit into our green building program and policy work.

    City of Vancouver

    Energy Service Solutions

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