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Ecolighten Energy Solutions: Privacy Policy

Ecolighten Energy Solutions Ltd. (Ecolighten) is committed to protecting the confidentiality and privacy of personal information Ecolighten holds about its customers and other individuals with whom Ecolighten does business. The following Privacy Policy developed by Ecolighten reflects that commitment.

Defining Personal Information

Personal information includes a wide variety of data. Personal information is data that could be used to identify a specific individual. Examples include: name, address, gender, age, family status and other personal identification numbers.

In the course of carrying out its business, Ecolighten holds personal information about its customers and other individuals.

The way this information is used varies depending on the nature and sensitivity of the particular information. Recognizing that some of that information is personal, Ecolighten is committed to collecting, using and disclosing such information only for the appropriate purposes for which it was gathered, including:

To create and maintain an effective business relationship: Ecolighten will collect basic information from its customers and other individuals with whom Ecolighten carries on business to confirm identity and related contact information. Additional information required is situation specific.

To further develop, enhance and market products and services: Ecolighten may collect personal information regarding use of Ecolighten’s services and products in order to understand how to improve them. From time to time, Ecolighten may review and analyze customer use of Ecolighten’s services and products to assist in developing improvements.

To manage business and system planning: Ecolighten analyzes customer usage of its services and products to better understand future customer requirements and assist in forecasting activities.

Disclosing Personal Information

Situations where Ecolighten may be required to disclose personal information about its customers or other individuals with whom Ecolighten does business with are varied. Any disclosure is done on a confidential basis, and Ecolighten requires all third parties to which the information is disclosed to use that information only for the purposes for which it was initially collected.

Some examples include the following:

Customer information to a related company, or third party agent, for the purpose of providing services to customers.

An individual’s personal information to a person whom Ecolighten reasonably believes to be acting as the individual’s agent for the purpose of gathering that information.

For law enforcement purposes and to the extent required to comply with legal requirements or regulatory orders.

Commitment to Personal Information Security

Ecolighten will limit the collection, use and disclosure of personal information to what is reasonably required in order for Ecolighten to carry on its business. Ecolighten carries out its commitment to personal information security in several ways:

Ecolighten will ensure appropriate safeguards are in place to protect the personal information it has in its custody or control. This ranges from ensuring data and documents are only accessible by authorized personnel on a need-to-know basis and requiring employees to understand and respect the privacy of the personal information they are exposed to in the work place.

Ecolighten will protect the confidential nature of personal information when dealing with other organizations and Ecolighten will require them to meet the same standard as it does when dealing with information it has placed in their trust.

Ecolighten does not provide personal information about our customers or other individuals to third parties for any reasons other than those described above, nor do we sell lists of this information.

Privacy Contact

For privacy related requests, concerns, and questions, please contact:

Ryan Coleman
Founder & CEO

Ecolighten Energy Solutions Ltd.
(P) 604.971.2088
(E) [email protected]