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Plumbing and Gas Design

Good plumbing and gas design coordinates structural and aesthetic needs to reduce noise and energy waste to significantly improve the overall mechanical HVAC system integration of a home.

By approaching home renovation and construction through a holistic lens, Ecolighten ensures every aspect of the home is considered – including the plumbing and gas system. Even small changes to the plumbing and gas design can make enormous impact on the integration of mechanical HVAC and overall home aesthetics.

Having worked on thousands of homes, Ecolighten’s team of experts fill the missing link between homeowners, builders, architects and designers by ensuring the plumbing and gas system works seamlessly with the rest of the home design.

We’re fluent in energy management systems and energy efficient home plans and offer professional, unbiased advice. The earlier we can come in to the design process, the less compromise you’ll need to make with the aesthetics, functionality and comfort of the home.

Have questions about plumbing and gas design? Speak to one of our energy conservation consultants.

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We provide high quality, cost effective and value-added mechanical design solutions for architects, builders and contractors wanting to achieve optimal heating, cooling and indoor air quality system performance. Call Ecolighten at 604 971 2088 or email [email protected] to see how we can help you.

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    Ecolighten displays a high-level of professionalism and we’re pleased to collaborate with their team to integrate their Home Performance Design solutions into our custom home projects.

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