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Smart Energy Solutions for a Cleaner, Healthier Future

Ecolighten specializes in energy solutions that benefit all involved. With more than 75 years of combined experience in the energy sector, you can count on us to develop smart, sustainable, results-driven solutions that bring your vision to life.

About Ecolighten

Ecolighten is an energy services consulting and home performance design company consisting of a team of HVAC design specialists, energy efficiency consultants and project managers who are committed to finding the most cost-friendly, energy-efficient solutions at every turn.

Every team member brings a unique set of skills, expertise and passion to each project – no matter how big or small. With extensive knowledge of mechanical design, building design, house-as-a-system, and energy services, the Ecolighten team is perfectly equipped to turn even the most challenging projects green.

The proof is in our satisfied clients who keep coming back.

Government and utility customers rely on us to design and deliver advanced energy programs to meet their environmental sustainability goals, while builders, architects and homeowners across British Columbia turn to us for superior home performance design that increases the comfort and value of their residences.

While tackling some of our planet’s biggest environmental challenges and finding smarter ways to save energy, we’re creating safer, healthier and more comfortable areas for you to work, live and play in, and ensuring a cleaner world for future generations.

About Our Team