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Hydronic Design
(Radiant In-Floor Heating)

Quiet and convenient, hydronic or radiant in-floor heating is a popular and highly energy efficient choice offering ultimate comfort.

What Is Hydronic Heating and Cooling?

A hydronic system heats or cools surfaces within the home instead of air using a closed system of pipes to circulate water or vapour throughout the home. Tubes and loops can run throughout floors, ceilings and walls ensuring temperature is distributed evenly, and hot and cold spots are eliminated.

Hydronic design doesn’t rely on ducts or fans, making it an ultra quiet system and a popular choice for homeowners seeking maximum comfort. We specialize in making hydronic design more efficient by first conducting a load calculation to assess heating and cooling needs. F280-12 standard load calculations are part of Ecolighten’s suite of mechanical design services. We then work with builders, architects, designers and homeowners to ensure the right size system is selected and installed properly.

Benefits of Hydronic Design

Many green home designs include hydronic heating and cooling systems for the extreme comfort and quiet living they offer.

Other advantages of radiant in-floor heating include:

  • Increased comfort
  • No hot or cold zones
  • Easy to control temperature
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Quiet (no fan noises)
  • Versatile and suitable for almost every home
  • Less dust and other allergy-inducing particles
  • Increased home value

Experience Ultimate Comfort With Hydronic

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