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Ventilation Design

Breathe easy year round with a well designed ventilation system by Ecolighten.

Integrated Ventilation to Improve Quality of Life

A good ventilation system promotes and maximizes airflow to help regulate temperature and humidity all year round. It is essential to creating enjoyable living spaces with maximum comfort and indoor air quality.

With thousands of homes under our belts, we use our expertise to provide clients with an integrated ventilation system including heat recovery ventilation that optimizes air flow to increase air quality and comfort, while meeting or exceeding mandatory regulatory and compliance requirements.

Using the latest software, our mechanical design consultants create professional mechanical design plans in one-dimensional, 2-Line or 3D CAD formats depending on your individual project requirements. This helps us analyze complex heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and design smart, energy efficient ventilation solutions for your home.

The optimum airflow rate will depend on temperature and humidity. The higher the temperature and humidity, the more airflow is needed to maintain comfortable temperatures.

When designing ventilation systems, we take into account a number of factors such as occupancy, room use, wind speed and direction, seasonal variations, building form, surrounding environment, positioning of windows, doors, vents and skylights, and other elements.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Many older and less efficient homes leak air through holes and cracks in their building envelope. Besides wasting energy, these cracks also invite dust and allergens and make it difficult to control air temperature from room to room.

Ecolighten’s solution is a heat recovery ventilator (HRV), which uses a heat exchanger and a series of ducts and fans to blow stale air outside and bring filtered fresh air inside–even when windows and doors are closed.

This innovative and highly energy-efficient system also reduces energy costs by using heat from the stale outgoing air to warm up fresh incoming air.

Other benefits include:

  • Even temperatures throughout the home
  • Steady fresh air supply all year round
  • Less humidity in the home
  • Better health due to higher air quality
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Lower carbon footprint

A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) is also a way Ecolighten helps builders work towards green building certifications. Learn more about our Energy Advisor services.

Breathe Easy With Ecolighten

Questions about ventilation design or heat recovery ventilators? Call an Ecolighten Energy Advisor at 604 971 2088 or email [email protected].

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