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Your Best Choice For Home Performance Design

With over 75 years of combined residential construction and HVAC trade experience, we’ve developed a regimented process that guarantees success.

Using an integrated approach that focuses on HVAC, house as a system principles and sound building science, you can count on us to provide high quality, cost effective and value-added energy solutions to boost the value and comfort of your home.

Why Choose Ecolighten?

As a smaller energy solutions firm, you get our full attention and diverse experience. We are proud to deliver the same expertise and tools of traditional engineering firms at a fraction of the cost. The key is getting us involved as early as possible in the design process.

Here are several other reasons clients choose Ecolighten:


Homeowners wanting a comfortable, healthy and energy efficient home with mechanical systems operating at peak efficiency

  • Excellent air quality and consistent temperatures throughout the home
  • Reduced energy bills and carbon footprint
  • Increased home resale value
  • Savings through sound energy performance modeling
  • Upfront energy and functionality design supports
  • Disciplined decision making through upfront consultation
  • Competitive quotations from HVAC contractors
  • Independent quality assurance assessments to ensure longer equipment life and less maintenance

Builders wanting to tender for “apple to apple” quotations from contractors through comprehensive bid specifications

  • Improved budget management due to upfront planning and accurate calculations
  • Reduced change work orders and minimized disruption
  • Recognition as a top performer and award winning builder
  • Competitive quotations from HVAC trades
  • Smoother workflow with trades not fighting for space; less supervision required
  • Leadership position within construction industry
  • More referrals from satisfied clients

Architects who desire cleaner incorporation of mechanical systems in the overall house design

  • Better designed plans to support transition to construction phase
  • Less design changes impacting aesthetic objectives
  • Recognition as top performer and award winning architect
  • Increased efficiencies from integration of energy and functionality components
  • Added design package for mechanical solutions to complement aesthetics
  • Satisfied clients increase referral network
  • Leadership position within construction industry

HVAC Contractors interested in improving installation efficiencies and reducing bidding costs

  • Opportunity to sell innovative products and expand product / service portfolio
  • Reduced installation mistakes and after-completion ‘fixes’
  • Detailed design / bid specifications making it easier to quote
  • Recognition as top performer and award winning HVAC contractor
  • Increased referral network from happy builders/homeowners
  • Leadership position within trade industry

HVAC Suppliers wanting to ensure their mechanical equipment will operate at its design peak performance

  • Repeat business from trades who are supported by services from supplier
  • Reduced costs associated with improper specs and installation
  • Increased client satisfaction
  • Allowing staff to focus on sales by leaving load calculations to Ecolighten
  • Recognition as top performer and award winning HVAC supplier network
  • Opportunity to expand product / service portfolio and help trades adopt innovative products
  • Leadership position within HVAC supplier industry
  • Sell more relevant products to HVAC trades with more accurate load calculations and designs

We’re committed to providing exceptional services that help you avoid costly surprises or delays. Chat with a mechanical HVAC design expert today.

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