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Home Performance Design

Home performance design is an integrated process that finds the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Whether undertaking a new home construction project or major renovation, we help our clients find smart energy solutions that don’t compromise on style.

What is Home Performance Design?


Home performance design is an innovative service, which combines the disciplines of load calculations, mechanical HVAC design, and energy advisor services to ensure homes are energy efficient, healthy and comfortable places to live.

Through this service we provide high quality, cost effective and value-added mechanical design solutions for builders, architects, designers and homeowners wanting to achieve optimal heating, cooling and indoor air quality system performance.

Why Conventional Methods Don’t Work

Often major renovation or new custom home construction teams fail to bring in a mechanical designer to design the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system during the early planning and design stage.

This is a costly mistake that can limit design choices and cause frustration for both building professionals and homeowners.

When HVAC design becomes an afterthought, it is often expensive and inefficient to fit a system into an existing structure. This can result in an under-performing HVAC system, which compromises the overall quality of the home, and can lead to:

  • Inconsistent temperatures and hot and cold spots throughout the house
  • Incompatibility and an inability to meet heating and cooling load requirements
  • Undersized duct system resulting in unnecessary and unpleasant noise
  • Large inefficient systems and poorly designed ductwork that compromises a home’s aesthetics
  • Compromised comfort, air quality and equipment durability

Conventional Vs Integrated Methods

The conventional approach to designing and implementing HVAC systems is loaded with costly risks.

Ecolighten’s fully integrated Home Performance Design saves time and money by making sure the HVAC design suits the specific needs of the home from the beginning. This roadmap to integrated mechanical HVAC design explains where there’s a missing link and how we step in to ensure your client’s dream home becomes reality.

Our integrated method begins at the earliest convenient stage of planning and design. The sooner we are involved the easier it is to establish and customize the HVAC system, and integrate it into the home design.

Home Performance Design Solutions

Home Performance Design - Mechanical HVAC Design Mechanical
HVAC Design

Unlike a traditional mechanical contractor, Ecolighten combines HVAC design with building science and house-as-a-system principles to help you make informed, value-driven decisions on energy and functionality components in a new home project.

Home Performance Design - Load Calculations Load

As part of Ecolighten’s mechanical design services, we conduct F280-12 standard energy load calculations to ensure your HVAC system is customized for your home and operates at peak performance all year round.

Home Performance Design - Energy Advisor & EnerGuide Energy Advisor
& EnerGuide

We’re passionate about green home design and offer energy advisor and EnerGuide™ services to help builders, architects and homeowners make smart decisions that increase the comfort, value and efficiency of their homes.

Home Performance Design - Quality Assurance Quality

Ecolighten’s comprehensive quality assurance practices give clients absolute peace of mind knowing that industry regulations and standards of excellence will be met, and in many cases exceeded.

HVAC Solutions For Your Next Project

Having worked on thousands of homes we give clients absolute confidence in getting properly sized, designed and installed HVAC systems. We offer affordable HVAC design, load calculation (F280-12 compliant) and energy advisor and green building certification services.

Call us for a consultation before starting your next major construction or renovation.

We’re Here To Help

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Energy Service Solutions

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  • Faserit Construction

    Ecolighten’s HVAC experience and problem-solving skills make them a great fit with our design team on custom home and major renovation projects. On every occasion, Ecolighten performed their duties professionally with all deliverables completed on time.

    Faserit Construction

  • Linden Construction

    As an experienced builder in residential construction, I’ve seen the challenges that can arise in constructing new custom homes. It is great knowing there is a service like Home Performance Design from Ecolighten to support the coordination of HVAC sub-trades and proper integration of mechanical solutions into our residential projects.

    Linden Construction

  • McLeod Bovell Modern Homes

    Ecolighten brings significant value to the design team and their Home Performance Design service contribution was integral to developing a comprehensive HVAC mechanical strategy for our custom home projects. From the discovery phase through to mechanical HVAC design, Ecolighten showcased a disciplined methodology which aided the design process.

    McLeod Bovell Modern Homes

  • Lamoureux Architects

    We’re very pleased to have Ecolighten supporting our custom home projects. Their experience and expertise with mechanical HVAC systems and design is a great benefit to Lamoureux Architects and our clients!

    Lamoureux Architects

  • Burgers Architecture

    Ecolighten displays a high-level of professionalism and we’re pleased to collaborate with their team to integrate their Home Performance Design solutions into our custom home projects.

    Burgers Architecture

  • Zirnhelt Timber Frames

    We really appreciated the experience and expertise that Ecolighten is able to bring to the mechanical HVAC component of our custom home projects. Their Home Performance Design service is an excellent fit to ensure a home will be healthy, comfortable and energy efficient.

    Zirnhelt Timber Frames

  • Hart + Tipton Construction

    Ecolighten has been an invaluable part of our team, to help us find creative solutions that are acceptable to our clients and easily integrated into our projects with reasonable construction costs.

    Hart + Tipton Construction

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