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To ensure success for the Energy Conservation Assistance Program (ECAP), FortisBC and BC Hydro required an experienced energy services consultant to develop a quality assurance program and perform inspections on energy conservation measures in existing residential homes throughout British Columbia—all while ensuring positive participant experiences and fostering a culture of continuous improvement with ECAP personnel.

ECAP energy conservation measures ranged from energy evaluations, installation of basic measures (e.g. lighting, water conservation devices, CO detectors) to advanced measures (e.g. insulation, ventilation, furnaces).

Quality assurance services were also needed to support ECAP with risk management. This included: maximizing energy savings in each home; ensuring contractors followed ECAP health and safety requirements; ensuring products and services were of high quality and aligned with policies and specifications; and collecting and reporting accurate pre/post installation information.


FortisBC and BC Hydro


Ecolighten developed a comprehensive quality assurance solution that provided job quality verification and participant satisfaction consistently and objectively.

The focus was on best practices in inspection processes, reporting matrix, contractor mentorship, technical support and building science/house-as-system guidance to ensure ECAP goals were achieved.

The approach was to include: energy measure installations that met current standards; program participant satisfaction with the service provided by the utility, managed service provider and contractors; maintenance of high quality workmanship and customer care; confirmation that program funding had been utilized effectively and efficiently; comprehensive management reporting and recommendations on the standards of work for continuous improvement; and prompt identification and undertaking of any remedial work.

Program Policies / Procedures
Installation Specifications
Field Evaluations
File Reviews
Reporting / Presentations
  • BC Hydro

    Ecolighten’s passion and knowledge of quality assurance services has been extremely helpful to BC Hydro and the Energy Conservation Assistance Program.  Their staff’s approach to QA has been strategically well-planned and implemented to meet the risk management needs of ECAP.

    BC Hydro


    The full suite of quality assurance systems and processes from Ecolighten helped ensure ECAP energy conservation measures were completed in a satisfactory manner with minimal disruption to program participants.

    The project resulted in:

    • Over 500 File Reviews and Site Inspections
    • Provision of File Review services to inspect PDA submitted documentation/paperwork to confirm compliance and accuracy of ECAP information collected/reported by contractors
    • Completion of post-installation site inspections by technical resources including visual inspection and performance testing to confirm workmanship quality and systems operating to designed intent
    • Execution of clear standard of work specifications for each of the energy conservation measures installed
    • Development and execution of ongoing training for ECAP personnel to review results in the field and provide positive feedback loops to contractors
    • On-site trouble shooting with installation crews identifying optimal (or less than optimal) work practices and correct them and train the crew in real time

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