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In order to meet 2032 GHG emission reduction targets and Community Energy and Emissions Plan requirements, a top priority for City of New Westminster was to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings. For an undertaking of this enormous size the City needed a clear, high-impact and highly visible initiative targeting energy conservation and energy efficiency improvements to low-rise homes and local businesses.

As an added challenge, the New Westminster Electrical Utility–the oldest continuously operating electrical utility in British Columbia–was looking to modernize and diversify services offered to local residents and business. The development of a utility demand side management program like Energy Save New West was needed to provide a comprehensive program structure to promote energy-efficiency solutions.


City of New Westminster


Energy Save New West includes a full portfolio of program solutions such as services, rebates and incentives for existing homes, new homes, multi-unit residential buildings and businesses.

Working with the city’s Community Energy Manager, Ecolighten provides program design and management services for Energy Save New West, which encompasses: strategic marketing, program design / management / mobilization, community engagement, reporting and analysis, technical energy coaching, homeowner education and customer relationship management.

Strategic Marketing
Program Design
Program Management
Program Mobilization
Policy Implementation
  • City of New Westminster

    The City of New Westminster is very pleased with the consistent and enthusiastic support of Energy Save New West provided by Ecolighten. City staff found them great to work with, and in all cases have applied innovative thinking along with substantial technical knowledge to this important community initiative.

    City of New Westminster


    Energy Save New West provides a tangible, on-the ground and personal dimension to the implementation objectives and policies reflected in New Westminster’s Community Energy and Emissions Plan. The City is delighted with the results to date, which include:

    • 500+ participants
    • 300+ energy assessments
    • Support of over 30 new construction projects with completed homes averaging 15% better energy performance than ‘code built’ homes An Urban Solar Garden initiative, which is the first municipally-led community solar PV initiative in Metro Vancouver

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