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Mechanical Business Magazine – Furnace Installation Solutions for Contractors

Mechanical Business Magazine – Furnace Installation Solutions for Contractors

Posted by Ryan ColemanDecember 12, 2017

Ecolighten is proud to be featured with RDH Building Science and FortisBC in the November / December edition of Mechanical Business Magazine with an article titled: “Optimizing Furnace Installs”.

Developed with content from FortisBC’s “High-Efficiency Furnace Installation Guide for Existing Homes”, this article offers helpful tips and solutions for contractors to consider when dealing with the challenges of installing a new high-efficiency furnace in an existing home.

The five challenges/solutions explored to help contactors maximize furnace performance are:

  • Filter Cabinet Installation and Filter Media Selection – Options to enable the installation of sealed filter cabinets with thicker filters in tight fitting mechanical rooms.
  • New Thermostats and Wiring – Solutions for installing a matching thermostat and ensuring the correct number of wires are installed to maximize thermostat functionality.
  • Ductwork Modifications – Identifying and dealing with existing ductwork systems that are not optimized for proper air flow and may limit overall system performance.
  • Combustion Air Venting – Finding venting routes to ensure high-efficiency furnaces are installed with two-pipe venting where both the exhaust and combustion air are connected to the outside.
  • Acidic Condensate Removal – Solutions for managing the removal of acidic condensate that is produced by high-efficiency condensing furnaces.

The complete “Optimizing Furnace Installs” article in Mechanical Business is available HERE.

About Mechanical Business:

Mechanical Business is a Canadian-owned and operated magazine for HVAC/R, plumbing and hydronic professionals. It is distributed to 21,914 mechanical contractors, wholesalers and specifying engineers throughout Canada.

About Ecolighten:

Ecolighten Energy Solutions is an environmentally-focused company dedicated to helping our clients find innovative solutions to using energy more wisely in our homes.  Backed by real-world experience, Ecolighten has a broad and deep knowledge base in mechanical design, building science, house-as-a-system and energy services to help our clients meet the challenges of energy-efficiency.