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Digital Videos for the City of New Westminster

Digital Videos for the City of New Westminster

Posted by Ryan ColemanSeptember 09, 2017

Ecolighten is proud to share links to new digital videos that we’ve been working on with the City of New Westminster to support consumer and industry education and awareness on high performance new home construction and the Urban Solar Garden.  

Working with City staff and digital marketing firms, City of New Westminster has developed the following digital videos:

High Performance New Homes for Consumers and Builders

Provides an overview of the existing conventional design/build process versus the more evolved approach taken with constructing a high performance new home.  The purpose of the videos is: 

  • Demystify and provide awareness on the options of services and solutions to support better home building (from energy/functionality decision-making perspective).
  • Highlight key process differences and resources involved in construction of a high performance new home and contrast this with conventional home building. 
  • Summarize the opportunity and potential interventions through the design/build process to construct a home that is built to a better than code minimum standard.  
  • Clarify the diversity of benefits when taking a more evolved approach to the energy/functionality components of the home.

Stay tuned to Ecolighten and Energy Save New West for the third installment of the video series that will be launched targeting Architects/Designers.

Urban Solar Garden

Provides a summary of the City’s plans for a centralized, city-owned solar PV array where community members served by the New Westminster Electric Utility, including local residents, businesses as well as non-profit and institutional organizations can subscribe to a portion of the electricity generated from the array.  Electricity generated from the array is credited back to the subscriber’s utility bill in proportion to their investment.  The purpose of this video is to

  • Educate people on the Urban Solar Garden concept, solar PV technology and get people educated to consider investing in the project.
  • Explain why the project is important and beneficial to the City of New Westminster, local residents and businesses.

Energy Save New West is designed, mobilized and managed by Ecolighten Energy Solutions through our Energy Services Consulting division. 

For more information on Energy Save New West and the Urban Solar Garden visit