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City of New Westminster & Ecolighten

City of New Westminster & Ecolighten

Posted by Ryan ColemanSeptember 09, 2013

Ecolighten is pleased to announce it has been named preferred bidder to provide energy services including project management and strategic marketing for the City of New Westminster’s Energy Save New West program.  

Energy Save New West is an innovative community-based energy-efficiency program that works in partnership with BC Hydro and FortisBC to make it easier for homeowners and businesses to take advantage of incentives available through LiveSmartBC, as well as heating, lighting and appliance rebates provided by the utilities.  To support Energy Save New West, Ecolighten will collaborate with City of New Westminster as its delivery partner with a suite of energy services support to improve the energy-efficiency of residential homes and businesses in New Westminster.   

“We’re very pleased to partner with City of New Westminster to showcase the quantifiable energy-efficiency, carbon reduction, local economic stimulus and financial benefits associated with energy management, energy evaluations and retrofitting.” says Ryan Coleman, Founder / CEO of Ecolighten.  “There is no question that homeowners and businesses alike are looking for solutions to improve energy-efficiency and reduce their utility bills.  We’re excited to get started on this community-based energy-efficiency program and look forward to delivering positive change to the City of New Westminster.” 

 “Since launching in July, we’ve had a tremendous response from the community.  We’re excited about Energy Save New West’s potential and the role the program plays in helping to meet the goals of the ciy’s Community Energy & Emissions Plan.  The program is designed to make it easier for homes and businesses to get a comprehensive energy picture of their home or business operation, as well as cost-effective strategies to improve energy efficiency and save money in the process.”  adds Norm Connolly, Community Energy Manager.  “We are very pleased to have Ecolighten join the Energy Save New West program and leverage their experience and expertise in the delivery of similar programs in BC and UK.” 

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