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Doug Rempel

Doug Rempel


Doug has been working in the heating and ventilation industry and consulting to people building new homes for over thirty years. His work is guided by his passion for sustainability, good stewardship of natural resources, and concern for
the environment. In 1982, Doug and his wife built (and still live in) one of the most energy efficient R2000 homes in Canada. In 2007, he decided to go one step further by building a cottage in Pemberton that is completely off the grid
where all design, materials and installation methodology are solely focused on energy efficiency.

You may have spotted Doug on HGTV’s Healthy Home, or CBC’s Code Green, a reality TV series that offered Canadian homeowners valuable information on how to reduce energy consumption in their homes. He’s also been on radio talk shows including CKNW with Shell Busey; taught at workshops; lectured at colleges; and taught seminars for the Greater Vancouver Home Builder’s Association (GVHBA).