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Value of Home Performance Design & Projects

Value of Home Performance Design & Projects

Posted by Ryan ColemanApril 04, 2013

The value of Home Performance Design exists because new or renovated custom homes typically do not involve a mechanical engineer to design the heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) during the early planning and design stage of projects.  Typical home design is done without anticipation or planning for the home’s necessary HVAC system.  When it comes time for the HVAC to be installed into the home, it is often expensive and awkward to fit the system into the existing structure.  This consistently leads to additional costs, limited design choices and frustration for professionals and homeowners alike.

To address this, Ecolighten brings a customer focused, value added mechanical HVAC design and energy service solution to the upfront planning phase instead of construction phase of projects to benefit architects, home builders and homeowners. 

The following links showcase two of our latest Home Performance Design projects:

Pemberton – Custom New Home

“We really appreciate the Home Performance Design efforts of Ecolighten in support of our custom new home in Pemberton. The discipline and approach that Ecolighten brought to the project gave us the confidence that the mechanical system selection, design and installation would be done right the first time!”

Matt MacDonald – Owner

Dollarton Highway – Major Renovation

“As a project manager in residential construction, I’ve see the process challenges that can arise in constructing custom new homes. That’s why; it is great knowing there is a service like Home Performance Design from Ecolighten to support the coordination of HVAC sub-trades and proper integration of mechanical solutions into our residential projects.”

Chris Guilbert / Project Manager – My House

By combining the disciplines of Mechanical Design, Energy Services and Green Building Certification, Ecolighten ensures ensure a home will be energy-efficient, healthy and comfortable place to live.