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PNE Prize Home – Presentation

PNE Prize Home – Presentation

Posted by Ryan ColemanAugust 08, 2014

Ecolighten would like to thank BC Hydro, Britco and all the builder and energy industry professionals who attended the Builder Workshop at the PNE Prize Home last month.

This year’s PNE Prize Home was designed in partnership between BC Hydro, Britco, and Ecolighten.  Ecolighten provided Home Performance Design services early on in the construction process.  By considering the energy efficient goals and performance early, there are fewer construction surprises and better energy performance results for the home.

Some of the features that make the 2014 PNE Prize Home a BC Hydro Power Smart home are:

  • Windows: the home features high-performance ENERGY STAR® rated windows with an overall U-value of 0.29. That’s better performance than what’s specified in the B.C. building code.
  • Heating: heating is done by a heat pump with variable refrigerant flow technology, which controls the interior temperature of the home more precisely. This helps avoid wear and tear on the heating system caused by multiple on/off cycles.
  • Air quality: a heat recovery core warms fresh, cold air coming in from outside, creating a constant supply of fresh air and a more comfortable home.
  • Appliances:  ENERGY STAR major appliances, including the clothes washer, dishwasher, and a truly modern electric stove.

Ecolighten’s presentation is available for viewing here:  2014 PNE Prize Home – Builder Workshop.