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FortisBC Trade Ally Network Trade Shows

FortisBC Trade Ally Network Trade Shows

Posted by Ryan ColemanMay 05, 2018

Ecolighten is pleased to be supporting FortisBC with its upcoming Trade Ally Network Trade Shows. The regional trade show in BC brings together contractors, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers to learn about developments in FortisBC and its Trade Ally Network and hear the latest in HVAC industry news and technologies.

Ecolighten will be a guest speaker at the Trade Ally Network Trade Show providing a presentation on quality installations for furnaces that highlights field observations and key learning from the Quality Assurance (QA) Pilot evaluations completed by FortisBC as part of their “2017 Furnace & Boiler Replacement Program”.

The Ecolighten presentation for FortisBC’s Trade Ally Network will focus on:

  • Providing HVAC contractors an overview of the QA Pilot including high-level summary of research objectives and methodology.
  • Presenting the field results from QA Pilot including salient content from the visual evaluation, performance evaluation and homeowner questionnaire. The presentation will prioritize visuals from the field to provide HVAC contractors an informed view of workmanship practices being observed though the QA Pilot.
  • Summarizing the key learning from QA Pilot and outline the opportunities for the HVAC industry and FortisBC to continue collaboration efforts that improve workmanship practices.
  • Gathering HVAC contractor feedback and input that could inform future QA program design for FortisBC with specific focus on the potential for standardized commissioning sheet, contractor-led video inspections and other new approaches/ideas from HVAC contractors.

The FortisBC Trade Ally Network Trade Shows will be starting in May and traveling around BC including the following locations and dates:

  • Victoria – Wednesday, May 16, 2018
  • Coquitlam – Tuesday, June 5, 2018
  • Prince George – Thursday, June 14, 2018

If you’re interested in learning more or registering to attend one of the upcoming sessions, please visit FortisBC’s website.