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Energy Save New West – Program Update

Energy Save New West – Program Update

Posted by Ryan ColemanApril 04, 2014

Since launching in summer of 2013, Ecolighten is pleased to report that over 250 local residents and businesses have participated in Energy Save New West. 

As Program Manager, Ecolighten is supporting the community-based initiative that is designed to improve the energy efficiency of homes and businesses in New Westminster.  The program makes the energy upgrade process easier and less complicated, and provides guidance and support along the way. 

  • Zoom Hair Studio owner, Natalia Percu is participating in Energy Save New West and has upgraded the lighting in her shop to high-efficiency LEDs.  She says:  “Saving energy is a key motivator, but it’s also about doing the right thing for the environment and local community.”
  • Nicole Pryor was one of the first residential participants, who bought a 1930s Craftsman-style bungalow in 2011, is anxious to see what improvements could be made:  “I like the idea of having an energy assessment done so that I have a complete plan for my home, and can see what improvements could be made and what the cost savings would be over time.” says Nicole. “It’s the right thing to do from an environmental perspective, and I would like to teach my son these things as we improve our home.”
  • Brennan Antsey has already fixed air leaks, installed a high efficiency condensing furnace, an Energy Star® tank-less water heater, and upgraded windows since getting his assessment in August says: “I’m grateful to be connected to energy experts who help me understand and navigate what retrofits make sense for our home.”  His wife Anita is also a fan of the retrofits: “They have made our house much more comfortable and have lowered our monthly utility bills.”

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