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Energy Audit 101

Energy Audit 101

Posted by Ryan ColemanAugust 08, 2013

Interested in replacing your furnace this fall?  Thinking about whether your attic insulation needs upgrading?  Well, before you start your home performance renovation, it’s important to have an energy audit completed to determine where the best opportunities are to improve the comfort, health, energy-efficiency of your house and reduce your energy bills.

In short, a home energy audit helps you learn more about how you use energy, determine where you’re wasting electricity and gas usage and prioritize your home performance upgrades.  In BC, an energy audit is typically done by a Certified Energy Advisor who’ll complete a visual and empirical data evaluation of your home while utilizing a number of diagnostic tools like a blower door or thermal imaging camera to pinpoint and diagnose sources of energy loss. 

To understand more about energy audits including the tools and what home components reviewed, the Department of Energy in US has put together a great Infographic to help people understand the process and tools used by energy advisors.  Also, don’t forget to visit FortisBC’s Home Energy Calculator which includes an energy comparison and appliance cost tool to assist users in comparing home energy costs and identifying estimated annual energy costs for a number of appliances.