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Ecolighten’s Furnace Commissioning Article in Mechanical Business

Ecolighten’s Furnace Commissioning Article in Mechanical Business

Posted by Ryan ColemanJanuary 01, 2016

Ecolighten is proud to be featured in the November / December edition of Mechanical Business magazine with an article titled “The Importance of Furnace Commissioning”.  Although proper equipment selection and installation get much of the performance credit, it’s the commissioning side of a high-efficiency furnace that is often overlooked to ensure a system is operating at its peak.

The Importance of Furnace Commissioning” provides 6 steps and tools for successfully installing mechanical equipment that is set up to optimize system performance, including:

  • Step One – Checking Gas Pressure to confirm that the correct amount of gas is getting to the furnace.
  • Step Two – Clocking the Meter to confirm that the furnace is burning gas as labelled on the rating plate.
  • Step Three – Temperature Rise to ensure that there is sufficient airflow across the heat exchanger.
  • Step Four – External static pressure (ESP) tests to indicate the adequacy of both the return air and supply air duct systems to handle required air flow.
  • Step Five – The importance of documentation to track results and give future service technicians a comparison to see if anything has changed with the furnace operation.
  • Step Six – Educate the customer on their new equipment and its operation.

By ensuring performance measurements of the operating furnace are right on the mark, contractors can be confident the equipment will run more smoothly, quietly and with less maintenance over its life cycle. At the same time, a homeowner should experience lower operating costs and a home that is more comfortable and healthier.

About Mechanical Business:

Mechanical Business is a Canadian-owned and operated magazine for HVAC/R, plumbing and hydronic professionals. It is distributed to 21,914 mechanical contractors, wholesalers and specifying engineers throughout Canada.

About Ecolighten:

Ecolighten Energy Solutions is an environmentally-focused company dedicated to helping our clients find innovative solutions to using energy more wisely in our homes.  Backed by real-world experience, Ecolighten has a broad and deep knowledge base in mechanical design, building science, house-as-a-system and energy services to help our clients meet the challenges of energy-efficiency.