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Ecolighten – Presentation from Energy Action Conference

Ecolighten – Presentation from Energy Action Conference

Posted by Ryan ColemanMarch 03, 2013

Ecolighten would like to thank Energy Action for the opportunity to present at the “2013 European Conference on Fuel Poverty” that was held in Dublin, Ireland on March 11th and 12th.

This year’s conference brought together fuel poverty researchers, policymakers and practitioners from across the globe.  Representing Canada, Ecolighten was privileged to provide a Canadian perspective through the lens of a presentation titled:  “Weatherization Programs run by Utilities” which highlighted BC’s weatherization and energy-efficiency efforts including programs, key learning’s and market drivers moving forward. 

The overall theme of this year’s conference titled “Reframing Fuel Poverty” looked to raise the profile of energy poverty and facilitate dialogue between policy makers, regulators, politicians, energy companies and others.  It is estimated that 65m Europeans live in fuel poverty and despite energy poverty being an enduring concept with widespread impact, there is no consensus as to how it should be defined or how to measure or monitor it.   For more information a full link to the conference agenda and presentations can be found here.