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Ecolighten Launches Mechanical Design Solution

Ecolighten Launches Mechanical Design Solution

Posted by Ryan ColemanMarch 03, 2012

Ecolighten is proud to announce a unique and innovative Mechanical Design service offering for Architects, Builders, Contractors and Homeowners who desire to achieve optimal HVAC system performance.  Whether building a custom home or completing a major renovation, there is no question that getting a properly designed HVAC system up front is the best way to avoid potential comfort and performance issues that can arise once an HVAC system has been fully installed and commissioned.  From lowering operating costs, to extended equipment life and less maintenance, there are numerous benefits to ensuring an HVAC solution has been properly designed, sized and spec’d well before installation begins.

“We’re excited to bring a new Mechanical Design service offering to market because we believe that an integrated approach to HVAC system design is an often overlooked component in development of energy solutions for a home” says Ryan Coleman, Founder / CEO of Ecolighten.  “Instead of the often used “rule of thumb” approach, we believe there’s a desire in the market for a more complete, end-to-end design solution that delivers high-quality systems designed to maximize performance.”

Ecolighten’s Mechanical Design service includes:

  • CONSULTATION– The right mechanical design solution starts with a consultation service that can be as small or as large as your needs require.
  • CALCULATION – Room by room load calculation and energy modeling.
  • SOLUTION – Tailoring a system and design concept to meet the clients needs.
  • DESIGN – Based on load calculations, equipment selection, zoning, duct (branch and trunk) sizing and structure layout provide a flavour of the considerations reviewed and included within the design component.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE – A thorough inspection of your system is conducted for quality control including visual and empirical evaluation to ensure that everything performs as designed.

“Over my thirty (30) years in the HVAC industry, I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to the installation of heating and ventilation systems in the home”  added Doug Rempel, Co-Founder of Ecolighten.  “One of my goals has always been to help improve industry standards and I believe that providing a more structured approach to HVAC design upfront will benefit all stakeholders involved in new construction and major renovation projects in the long-run.”

A full copy of the press release is available here.