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Ecolighten & FortisBC – Quality Furnace Installations

Ecolighten & FortisBC – Quality Furnace Installations

Posted by Ryan ColemanJune 06, 2016

Ecolighten is proud to support FortisBC with their initiative to promote quality furnace installations including alignment with their recently launched “Furnace and Boiler Replacement Program”.



Along with offering rebates and incentives for consumers looking to upgrade to a high efficiency furnace, FortisBC is leading in development of new educational resources for homeowners to help raise awareness about the benefits provided by professional contractors following industry-recognized quality installation practices (e.g., correct equipment selection, installation, and commissioning).

Resources from FortisBC include useful information and tips to help with finding the right contractor to install a new furnace and ensure the installation is safe, permitted and meets a quality standard.  If you’re interested in finding out more, you can access FortisBC’s quality installation resource page including an interview with Ecolighten, a short educational video and access tips on buying a new furnace HERE.