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Ecolighten @ Buildex 2015

Ecolighten @ Buildex 2015

Posted by Ryan ColemanJanuary 01, 2015

Ecolighten is proud to be participating in 2015 Buildex Vancouver conference as panel member on The Rise, Fall, and Potential Rise of BC’s Home Performance Industry:  Where Do We Go From Here?  The presentation and panel discussion will share insights from past industry experiences, recent industry research, and new industry-led initiatives currently underway to grow the home performance industry and market opportunities in BC.


At the end of this seminar, delegates will have been provided with an overview of:

  • The current home performance market in BC and some of the related opportunities and challenges for various industry sectors (renovators, trades, HVAC, windows, insulators, etc.) in growing and diversifying their current products and service offerings;
  • Some of the various home performance business models and industry best practices that are evolving in BC and have been developed in other jurisdictions;
  • Current programs and pilots (e.g., HERO, Energy Save New West, etc.) that may be rolled out in other regions throughout the province; and
  • Industry initiatives that are currently underway in BC, including the recently launched Home Performance Stakeholder Council.

Along with Ryan Coleman representing Ecolighten, the panel will include:

  • Paul Shorthouse, BC Regional Director, Delphi Group – Moderator
  •  Ken Farrish, Principal, Farrish Marketing
  • Anton Van Dyk, Business Development Manager, Centra Construction
  • Beth Ringdahl, Residential EEC Program Manager, FortisBC
  • Peter Sundberg, Executive Director, City Green Solutions

The panel discussion will be on Wednesday, February 25th from 2:00pm-3:30pm.  You can learn more and register on the Buildex website HERE