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Ecolighten Bringing a New Approach to Energy-Efficiency

Ecolighten Bringing a New Approach to Energy-Efficiency

Posted by Ryan ColemanJanuary 01, 2012

Ecolighten is excited to launch our website and present you with our brand new company blog.

We’re enthusiastic about our new environmentally-focused business to help homeowners, contractors, government and utilities alike find new innovative solutions to using energy more wisely on our homes! But enough with the shameless self-promotion, let’s talk about how we’re going to use the blogging medium as a platform to provide readers with energy industry insight, energy tips and do-it-yourself energy upgrades.

To start, we’d like to invite readers to ask one of Ecolighten’s founders Doug Rempel any home improvement questions. With over thirty-years of experience in home improvements including designing and building a home completely ‘off the grid’, Doug is excited to share his knowledge and experience in energy-efficiency with our readers.

In addition to Q&A’s, we’ll also be writing, researching and commenting on energy-efficiency topics including home energy products, installations and general energy industry trends to help readers navigate through the ‘green maze’ to understand more about sustainability and energy-efficiency.