Home Performance Contracting

Home performance contracting

Our Home Performance Contracting solution is about maximizing energy savings and improving the comfort and health of your home. An energy-efficient home requires careful planning and attention to detail, so with our whole house approach to upgrading we help you get the most out of your home improvement project.

  • Save Money & Energy
  • Improve Comfort & Health of Your Home
  • Reduce Green House Gas Emissions

At Ecolighten Energy Solutions, we understand how the various components of your home work together to affect the energy consumption and with our Energy Home, Energy Guarantee and Energy Process, Ecolighten helps educate and uncover the energy-efficiency opportunities in your home.

Energy Home

With the "Ecolighten Energy Home" and our whole house approach to upgrading we help you identify the best energy solutions for your home. In short, the whole house approach is about understanding how the various components of your home operate together to affect energy consumption and comfort in your home. Learn More

Energy Guarantee

Home improvements focused on reducing consumption produce real energy savings and with this statement in mind, we introduce you to the "Ecolighten Energy Guarantee". So, how does it work? Simple. Complete your home improvement project with us and we’ll guarantee the amount of your home’s first year energy savings. Learn More

Energy Process

We understand that home renovations can be stressful and that’s why we’ve developed a home improvement five-step "Ecolighten Energy Process" focused around peace-of-mind to deliver a "best in class" renovation experience for our customers. Learn More

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