Does Home Performance Design increase the cost of a new home or major renovation project?

All HVAC mechanical contractors will include a design component within their equipment and installation quotation. By providing a third-party design service, we’re removing this cost item from their budget. In addition, the comments we’ve received from our clients is that we’ve saved them money through a competitive bidding process, avoiding surprises, pre-planning equipment and space requirements plus ensuring the project accesses all grants and incentives for energy-efficiency upgrades.

What is the best energy source and system for this residential project? Should I choose a radiant or forced air or hybrid?

Depending on your project needs, we customize solutions through client consultation, energy modeling and ‘cost / benefit’ analysis. Ecolighten has expertise with all systems and energy sources. We are not tied to any one manufacturer or product solution. Our interest is simply a satisfied client and a successful project.

Is Home Performance Design an engineering service?

Ecolighten applies the same expertise and tools of traditional engineering firms at a fraction of the cost. With the added benefit of over seventy-five (75) years of residential construction and HVAC trade experience, we incorporate a range of knowledge that focuses on house-as-a-system and sound building science. For projects requiring a B1 / B2 such as commercial buildings, we have a professional engineer to provide the appropriate documentation.

What makes Home Performance Design different from HVAC design services provided by a mechanical contractor?

The biggest differences are Ecolighten’s holistic approach, independence, process discipline and inspection service. Unlike a traditional mechanical contractor, Ecolighten provides house-as-a-system perspective not just an HVAC solution. We’re also independent and neither sell products or systems nor have financial interest in the implementation of the HVAC system. Lastly, we bring a sophisticated approach to our design process which includes a performance inspection at the end of the project to ensure the system is operating to its design objective.

How do you ensure the mechanical HVAC system is operating as designed?

Most people are surprised to find out that there is no heating permit or required inspection for HVAC systems in BC. As a third party with a vested interest in the overall performance, clients can be assured that Ecolighten is thoroughly inspecting their system both visually and with empirical testing.

When is the best time to get Ecolighten involved with a project?

The short answer is the earlier the better. Ecolighten brings functionality expertise to the project team which may include an architect, builder, interior designer and structural engineer. Through comprehensive planning and design upfront, the greatest benefits will be realized including projects delivered on time, on budget and with minimal or no surprises.

Are there any grants and incentives available for new home construction or major renovations?

Yes. Between BC Hydro, Fortis BC, municipal and provincial government, there are a variety of incentives available for energy-efficient homes. Ecolighten helps clients take advantage of the ever-changing opportunity landscape to maximize grants and rebates including specializing in EnerGuide for New Home ratings.

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