Energy Services

With over seventy-five (75) years of combined experience, the breadth and depth of expertise that Ecolighten offers is second to none. In fact, Ecolighten’s unique range of expertise in energy disciplines includes House-As-A-System, Building Science and Net Zero Homes.

To get a flavour for Ecolighten’s specialty in these fields, we’ve developed a guideline called the ‘Better Built Home’ that supports the construction of a comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient house. In short, a ‘Better Built Home’ incorporates three (3) main principles:

  • Higher insulation values
  • Well-sealed (airtight) envelope
  • Adequate ventilation (with heat recovery)

The summary below shares Ecolighten’s principles and applications in a case study format for an ‘off grid’ home built on Lillooet Lake.

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