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The following service request form contains required information for HVAC Contractors to obtain an estimate for Home Performance Design Services from Ecolighten.

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Please email electronic plans either PDF or DWG files to Plans must be complete with all R-values, window types and building openings notated with size.
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*Check each box below to obtain an estimate from Ecolighten.

Calculations: A room-by-room heat/cool load calculation and report.

All calculations are based upon orientation, exterior surfaces, R-values, window types, appliance loads, occupancy, ventilation requirements, duct loss and activity and function of the room. This information plus expected insulation and air-tightness levels should be provided by HVAC Contractor. Ecolighten recommends that a blower door test be completed to confirm achieved air tightness levels.

Mechanical Design: Production of mechanical system design recommendations including options of Quality First™ 1-Line or 2-Line Auto CAD.

Considerations reviewed and included within the design component are load calculations, equipment selection, zoning, duct (branch and trunk) sizing and structure layout. All duct designs are developed with good engineering practice in reference to HRAI, ASHRAE® or Quality First™ standards depending on location. Require structural drawings from HVAC Contractor.

Inspection: A thorough inspection of mechanical system including visual and empirical evaluation to ensure system is performing as designed.

Visual inspection pre-drywall and cover up to take photos and confirm ducting and plumbing is installed as per design specifications. Secondary performance inspection upon full project completion to ensure equipment and system operating to design specifications.

*For load calculations, any changes to the building envelope during construction may alter load calculations and system performance. In order to obtain "Quality Assurance" sign-off, Ecolighten must inspect the completed work.
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